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How many bundles do you need?

The recommended amount of bundles depends on the length being purchased and how full the customer prefers their hair:

For Shorter lengths (12-14) we recommend 2 bundles 

For medium lengths (16-22) we recommend 3 bundles

For Longer lengths (24-30) we recommend 4-5 bundles

How Long Is Shipping?

Once you have paid for your order, you will receive a confirmation email, which leads to the processing period (3-5 business days)


Once your order is finishing processing, a shipping label will be made for the order. You will then receive a tracking number within an email.

Your package will then be shipped through USPS (2-3 business days excluded weekends and holidays)

How to maintain your bundles?

Please view the Hair Care Cards attached to your Bundles, or Wigs.

Can the hair be dyed?

Yes, our hair can be dyed. Our hair is 100% Virgin with no chemicals added. This allows the hair to take to color well and still remain valuable. (We do recommend allowing a professional to assist with coloring or bleaching to maintain your bundles.)

Our Russian Blonde Bundles

With our Russian Blonde Bundles, you may experience shedding due to the hair being chemically processed. Any additional chemicals can cause the hair to shed. (We do recommend allowing a professional to assist with coloring to maintain your bundles.)

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